Matrix transformations (Khan Academy)

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Understanding how we can map one set of vectors to another set. Matrices used to define linear transformations. (1) Functions and linear transformations A more formal understanding of functions Vector transformations Linear transformations Visualizing linear transformations Matrix from visual representation of transformation Matrix vector products as linear transformations Linear transformations as matrix vector products Image […]

Independent and dependent events (Khan Academy)

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Introduction to probability. Independent and dependent events. Compound events. Mutual exclusive events. Addition rule for probability. (1) Basic probability Intro to theoretical probability Probability: the basics Subsets of sample spaces Subsets of sample spaces Simple probability: yellow marble Simple probability: non-blue marble Simple probability (2) Venn diagrams and adding probabilities Probability with venn diagrams Addition […]

Negative numbers: multiplication and division (Khan Academy)

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Learn to multiply and divide negative numbers. Once you’ve got the basics down, we’ll revisit fractions, exponents, and order or operations but this time with negatives! (1) Multiply & divide negative numbers Multiplying positive & negative numbers Dividing positive and negative numbers Multiplying & dividing negative numbers Why a negative times a negative makes sense […]

Arithmetic operations (Khan Academy)

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The most fundamental branch of math is arithmetic operations. It consists of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers. We’re willing to bet that doing these operations on whole numbers is a piece of cake, but now we’ll mix those numbers up with decimals and fractions. We’ll also introduce the idea exponents as they become much […]

Measurement and data (Khan Academy)

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If you think about it, we measure almost everything: time, distance, size, weight, volume, etc. Every THING can be measured. The question is, what unit of measurement is used and how is that unit constructed, compared, and converted? This last part is what we explore in these tutorials. (1) Volume intro Intro to volume Measuring […]