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Vocabulary for the Global History & Geography Exam

(1) Global Studies Cycle 3: 37-48

12 concepts, including:
Ibn Batuta, Simon Bolivar, Humanism, Laissez-Faire Capitalism, British Landlord System, Commodore Matthew Perry, World War 1, The Bolsheviks, Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, Japan-Geography, Fascism

(2) Global Studies Cycle 3: 25-36

12 concepts, including:
Columbian Exchange, Mercantilism, Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Akbar the Great, Magna Carta, Petition of Right, English Bill of Rights, Slave Labor in the Americas, The Enlightenment, Toussaint L’ouverture, Jose de San Martin

(3) Global Studies Cycle 3: 13-24

12 concepts, including:
Monsoon Winds, hieroglyphics, cuneiform, Ancient Greece, Tang Dynasty, Crusades, Late Middle Ages Trade, Marco Polo, Bubonic Plague (the Black Death), Tuberculosis (the White Death), Nanjing (China), Venice (Italy) and Mogadishu (Somalia)

(4) Global Studies Cycle 3: 49-60

12 concepts, including:
Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, World War 2, OPEC, Zionism, Middle East Conflict, Apartheid, United Nations “Peacekeepers”, Partition of India, Break-up of Yugoslavia, Rwandan Genocide, Cambodia

(5) Global Studies Cycle 3: 73-84

12 concepts, including:
War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq, WTO, NAFTA, European Union, Ancient River Civilizations, Classical Civilizations, Golden Age, Gupta Empire, Tang and Song Dynasties, Golden Age of Islam, World Religions and Philosophies

(6) Global Studies Cycle 3: 61-72

12 concepts, including:
Commercial Revolution, Scientific Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Green Revolution, Glorious Revolution, French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, Russian Revolution, Chinese Communist Revolution, Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping

(7) Global Studies Cycle 3: 85-96

12 concepts, including:
Abbasid Dynasty, Justinian Code, Code of Hammurabi, Twelve Tables of Rome, astrolabe, compass, wheel, printing press, Otto Von Bismarck, Camillo Cavour, Nationalism, Cold War

(8) Global Studies Cycle 3: 97-108

12 concepts, including:
Giuseppe Garibaldi, Northern Plain in Europe, Absolutism, Peter the Great, Emperor Meiji, Imperialism, Nuremberg Trials, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Iron Curtain, Human Rights, Queen Nzingha, Aung San Suu Kyi

(9) Global Studies Cycle 3: 1-12

12 concepts, including:
Cultural Evidence, Unbiased Sources, Economics, Economist, Anthropology, Anthropologist, Political Science, Geography, Archeologists, Historian, Neolithic Revolution, Harappan Civilization

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